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The Real Solution to Waste Management

Let's put our environment in our Priorities too!

Waste has always been in our lives and is generated as a result of our living. We have been avoiding our roles to keep our environment safe by simply refusing to treat our wastes, recycle them and put them to good use. Here is our Product "Decompos"! It helps deconstruct organic waste into compost using microbes that break down the waste in a matter of Weeks! 

Reduce Landfills

Adding compost enriches the soil by enhancing its nutrient content, bolstering its composition, and boosting water retention capabilities.

Eco-safe Product

Composting redirects organic waste away from landfills, preventing the generation of harmful gases.

Money Saving

Composting can lead to cost savings as it diminishes the reliance on store-bought fertilizers.

Red Mountain


Replenish Mother Earth

Welcome to Decompos by Adviorganics Pvt. ltd., where we committ to waste management solutions for a greener and more sustainable future. Our mission is simple yet profound: to tackle the pressing issue of waste disposal on Earth by harnessing the power of innovative decomposing products.

We believe that by reimagining waste disposal through the lens of sustainability, we can contribute to the health and longevity of our planet.

These innovative solutions accelerate the natural decomposition process, breaking down organic and biodegradable materials into valuable byproducts like nutrient-rich compost. By embracing the principles of circular economy, we aim to close the loop on waste generation, reduce landfill usage, and lessen the strain on our ecosystems.

Best Quality

Customer Favorite

Easy to Use

Pan India Delivery

1 Month

1 month from closing the bin once it is full.

Composting with Decompos

Decomposition is a natural biological process in which organic matter, such as plant and animal materials, is broken down into simpler compounds by the action of microorganisms like bacteria, fungi, and other decomposers. It is a crucial part of nutrient cycling in ecosystems, as it releases essential elements like carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus back into the environment, making them available for other organisms to use.

Transform the discarded waste into nourishing compost for the soil, reminding us that even the smallest actions can make brighter world in the future.

Why You Need Decompos?

Low Cost

No Practical Maintenance

Rids of any Odours

Rajesh, TN

"I feel safer already knowing our organic wastes are decomposing. It's time to Step up my gardening."

Let's get in touch

Whether it's your experience with Decompos, a story, or a video, share it with us, we'd be delighted to hear from you.

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